Modified 31st May 2020

Revenue, Pay-outs, Renewal and tax

Updates on the Platform/website are to be taken as Precedent if they conflict with this or any other Terms and/or policy. FS reserves the right to modify, change or delete any term without prior notice. If you do not agree then you do not have our permission to enter the Platform. Pay-outs can be requested at any stage, providing your balance is equal or above the minimum pay-out threshold set by your Partner Manager. Our typical merchant override is 35% however this can vary from merchant to merchant. Invoices are paid within 30 working days of approval.

FS can withhold any payment if the traffic is of low quality, poor performing (in FS's sole discretion), fraudulent, or in circumstances where the merchant has been unable to pay.

Commissions and rates may be changed without notice. Sums deductible from the commissions may be deducted from later payments. If the deductions outstanding exceed the commissions payable, the partner shall pay the deductions upon demand. In the event that you wish to dispute in good faith any portion of an invoice, you must submit the dispute to us in writing and in sufficient detail, within thirty (30) days of the date on the invoice. If you do not dispute the invoice as set forth herein, then you agree that it irrevocably waives any claims based upon that invoice.

You understand and agree that, if at any time we believe your account has been compromised, or this Agreement has been, or may have been breached, we reserve the right to withhold making any payment to you until such time as we have concluded our investigation and you agree to fully co-operate with any investigation at your own cost including providing all required identification documents and other documents if so requested. Your failure to promptly comply with any notification will result in your payments being delayed. We may withhold your final payment for a reasonable period of time to make sure that the total commission is calculated accurately and the correct amount is paid.

If you provide us with wrong, incorrect and/or out-of-date payment details, we reserve the right to charge you a fine/ an additional sum when effecting payment of commission to you after such violations. The Fines are applied as follows: 

1) You provided us with wrong, incorrect and/or out-of-date payment details;

2) Your payment details were changed without timely warning to your partner manager

3) Your payment details were changed untimely (you warned your manager after payment was sent etc.);

4) Other situations where we incur additional expenses due to your fault. 
The amount of Fine we will charge you with depends on the amount of the invoice and varies as follows:
Invoices up to 5k – Fine of $ 50 or equivalent in currency of payment plus banking fees.
Invoices from 5k to 10k - Fine of $ 100 or equivalent in currency of payment plus banking fees.
Invoices above 10k - the amount of Fine is a subject to each individual case but not less than $ 200 or equivalent in currency of payment plus banking fees.

We reserve the right not to pay the commission earned by a partner (to reset the balance) and / or close the account at our own discretion in the following cases: 

1) If a partner fails to provide the correct payment details in partner’s profile or if partner, by any reason, fails to claim the earned commission after expiration of one (1) year period from the moment of reaching the minimum amount to be paid ($ 1,000);
2) If within six (6) months from the moment of the first paid action partner did not reach the minimum of $ 1000.
3) If the partner fails our verification process which may include photo identity documents and If the partner fails to pass the verification of the beneficial owner which may include proof of identity.

​​​​​​​If the balance has not met the minimum pay-out threshold and has not increased in a period of 3 months the account will be considered dormant and the partner shall forfeit any revenue due that has not reached the threshold. FS offers no guarantee or assurance as to the level of revenue or profits, which the Partner will receive as a result of promoting the System and Services.

Whilst it will use all reasonable endeavours to provide the Services in a professional fashion FS accepts no responsibility to Partner for any loss of revenue as a result of its failure to provide the Services properly or at all. ​

Please see the Platform for information on currency and bank transfers. The cost of the bank transfer will be for the beneficiaries’ accounts. Taxes.  

As a partner your relationship to the company is not that of an employee. You are responsible for paying your own taxes and complying with the laws of your country. 

Please see Platform and your partner manager for more information on payments and our Anti Money Laundering Policy HERE.